Full-bore Rifle

We usually shoot full-bore rifles on the Century range at Bisley over distances from 100yds to 600yds, usually close to the start of each month on a Sunday morning. Additional weekday shoots are also organised for those with the time during the week. See the calendar for details of the forthcoming rifle shoots.

You will see a range of rifles being used, from modern target rifles with high-powered telescopic sights to army service rifles older than any of the members. Full-bore rifles are shot either prone (lying down), or seated from a bench.

Rifle shooting on Century range at Bisley

Club members are able to use either of the club's 7.62mm scoped rifles (service rifle and modern Remington 700). In addition, most club members are only too happy to show off their own rifles.

These days, we usually shoot using the electronic target systems which gives a quick turn-around of shooters at the firing point. Occasionally, we employ a marker to operate on our behalf.

For more information about our rifle shooting, please get in touch via the contact page.